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Hormone Replacement Options For Men

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men in WY

Hormones control your bodily functions, from metabolism to growth and are distributed by your body’s endocrine system. Testosterone which is mostly associated with muscular men and puberty is probably the most important of these hormones. The production of testosterone is controlled by the brain’s hypothalamus and pituitary gland. They determine how much is made by the testes and, in smaller quantities, by the ovaries and adrenal glands. Before birth, testosterone is responsible for regulating sex differentiation and the development of sex organs.

Testosterone levels don’t really surge again until puberty, during which it is responsible for many of the changes that take place in the body. These changes include the growth of body hair, lowering of voice, growth spurt, and increased muscle mass. Throughout adulthood, testosterone also plays a role in maintaining sex drive, sperm production, and the maintenance of muscles and bones.

Clearly testosterone plays an important role, so what happens if men have too little of it?

Research shows that in adult men it is quite normal to have low levels of testosterone whereas having higher than normal levels of testosterone is quite rare and can only be achieved through steroids. Low levels of testosterone, referred to as low T or hypogonadism, cause a multitude of issues, including the reduction of muscle bulk, body hair, mood disturbances, increased body fat, reduced sex drive, impotence, osteoporosis, and issues with memory and concentration. Luckily low T is treatable with supplementary injections and transdermal patches on the skin. When it comes to testosterone, correct balance is key!

Testosterone levels normally peak in men during early childhood and adolescence . These levels then start declining from mid 20s to 30s by about 1 % each year, as testosterone production slows down. Middle aged men face low testosterone levels due to bad lifestyle choices such as poor diet and faulty exercise regimes.

Why do men need HRT?

The goal of hormone replacement therapy is to keep testosterone levels within the normal range. HRT is vital as low testosterone levels cause a variety of issues, some of which are mentioned above, including imbalanced cholesterol, high blood pressure, increase in the risk of stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Getting your body the necessary testosterone is vital as it can prevent various diseases and health issues.

Safely elevating these hormone levels to the desired  amount, will enable you to increase your performance when exercising which is linked to improved physical health. Muscle mass will increase and fat loss will be more substantial and achievable. A big part of hormone replacement therapy is improving the quality of life for older and middle aged males which includes enhancing libido as testosterone is known to benefit from increased sex drive.

Low testosterone has also been closely linked to depression, mood swings and lack of concentration. Mental and physical well-being is often attributed to stress and lifestyle, when in fact hormone imbalance plays a massive part in this. HRT really is a game changer to ensure you look and feel like a younger and healthier version of yourself.

HRT for Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone facilitates erection as a vasodilator of penile arterioles and cavernous sinusoids.

However the low testosterone levels can affect men’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Therefore without the right testosterone levels many of the chain reactions that cause an erection can be deficient and as such lead to a flaccid penis

Commonly, males that suffer from erectile dysfunction tend to have low male hormone levels and in most cases possess a higher level of the female hormone estrogen. Although numerous treatments do exist, there is no quick fix. The best way to address this is to address the root of the problem. By understanding the core reason behind such an issue a specifically designed hormone replacement therapy program can be put into effect to adequately treat your problem. Typically elevating the testosterone levels and decreasing estrogen has been shown to provide positive results.

HRT for Andropause

Andropause is the male version of menopause and occurs when the male hormone testosterone decreases. It differs from menopause as the onset of symptoms occur at a more gradual rate as compared to menopause in women. In order to successfully treat this condition all the underlying issues and symptoms need to be identified. Once identified an individualized holistic program can be set up to best suit your condition.

HRT for Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

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Hormone Replacement Options For Men 2

As we age it becomes harder to maintain our weight, and unfortunately weight gain seems to be inevitable. This happens as the production of certain hormones in our bodies decreases, causing our metabolism to gradually slow down. Think about the amount of food you could eat in your twenties without weight gain repercussions versus the amount of food that causes weight gain in your forties as your body lacks certain hormones at that age.

Also, as we grow older we become less active and along with a slower metabolism weight gain can rapidly spiral out of control.

Hormone replacement therapy brings this lack of hormones back into a natural balance. It can restore your metabolism meaning calories will burn at a more efficient rate making weight control more manageable. Optimizing testosterone levels will not only increase your muscle mass but also improve your libido.

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