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Hormone Optimization OR HRT

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What is Hormone Optimization or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

Hormone Optimization  (Hormone replacement therapy ) is a form of treatment that aims to administer specific hormones that will help the body burn fats and produce more muscles. Here, certain hormones are introduced to the body to improve the muscle-building process. For HRT to become successful, patients should have close physician involvement to monitor vital signs. 

Objectives of HRT

Many bodybuilders tap hormone replacement therapy primarily to enhance and accelerate muscle build-up and the body recomposition process.

What Are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

  • HRT could build leaner muscles

Several studies have shown that HRT can help in achieving a physically tone body. Testosterone is essential in generating proteins which are the molecules muscles need to become strong. TRT increases levels of testosterone which explains why it helps build lean, strong muscles through their fitness regimens.

  • HRT could burn belly fat faster

Through months of HRT, metabolisms ignite to burn excess belly fat while simultaneously adding more lean muscles in the process. HRT could be likened to flipping a crucial switch that enables the body to burn fuel efficiently and build vital metabolic tissues.

  • HRT could lead to more energy

This effect is related to testosterone’s capacity to produce more red blood cells. Testosterone can increase levels of red blood cells and this will lead to more energy for you. Many HRT users testify that they felt less fatigue when they started their treatment.

  • HRT could offer better sexual health and increased libido

As a sex hormone, testosterone empowers male sexuality including sexual desires. Men with low testosterone levels could revive their virility by undergoing HRT. Studies investigating its effects on aging members of the population confirm testosterone rapidly rehabilitates sexual function in nearly all cases. Rates of erectile dysfunction plummet while intercourse frequency skyrockets thanks to their reignited passions.

Before and After

HRT Reuslt 1
hrt result 3

What are the signs that you need hormone replacement therapy?

For people seeking a sculpted body.

  • Difficulty building muscle mass despite intensive training and proper nutrition
  • Increased body fat, especially abdominal fat
  • Low energy/excessive fatigue sabotaging workouts
  • Decreased muscle strength and endurance
  • Reduced sex drive and sexual performance
  • Mild gynecomastia (breast tissue growth)
  • Chronic joint pain or injuries
  • Mood issues like depression, irritability, low motivation

What are the types of hormone therapy (HT)?

Types of HT depends on the hormone you want to boost.


In terms of function, estrogen is responsible for female sexual development and reproductive health. This hormone also plays a vital role in producing healthy bones, heart, brain, skin, and other tissues.

Forms of Estrogen Therapy

Aromatase inhibitors can block enzymes by converting testosterone into estradiol. This process raises testosterone availability.

Steroidal contraceptives could halt menstrual cycles which impede muscle training.


This hormone works alongside estrogen. It helps to develop and maintain the female reproductive system. Progesterone is also recognized for its role in the menstrual cycle as well as for supporting women’s pregnancy.

Forms of Progesterone Therapy

Some synthetic hormones halt menstrual cycles because these may impede intense training.

hCG injections are thought to be useful in addressing low testosterone levels.


Testosterone directs male sexual development and characteristics. It is also essential for other aspects of male growth such as musculoskeletal health, energy, libido, cognitive function, and mood stability.

Forms of Testosterone Therapy

The ideal choice is bioidentical testosterone. This form is molecularly similar to the substance human gonads produce. This form of testosterone therapy can enter the human body via gels, injections, or pellet implants.

 Administration Methods

  • Oral, patches, injections, and implants: Pros and Cons.

Hormone replacement therapy can be administered in a few different ways:

Oral HRT Estrogens and/or progestins are taken daily in pill or capsule form.

Pros: Convenient; easy to adjust/taper doses

Cons: Harder on the liver; fluctuating hormone blood levels

Skin Patches Thin patches applied to the skin release hormones gradually.

Pros: Steady absorption and hormone levels; bypass liver

Cons: Can irritate skin; build up adhesive; visibility

Injections Testosterone, estrogen, or progesterone given via periodic deep muscle injections.

Pros: Long lasting; mimics natural peaks/dips

Cons: Can cause swings; needle phobia; must be administered

Implants – Small pellets implanted under the skin continually release hormones.

Pros: Steady levels; long-lasting (months)

Cons: Insertion procedure required; difficulty removing; infection risk

There are also gels/creams, vaginal rings, and other options too. An experienced medical provider will account for the patient’s preferences and needs to determine the optimal delivery method, dose, and schedule. Regular blood testing guides modifications over time.

Monitoring and Adjusting

  • Regular blood tests for hormone levels.
  • Adjusting dosage based on symptoms and responses.
  • Addressing potential side effects.

How long should I take hormone therapy (HT)?

The duration of the hormone therapy depends on the patient’s changing needs and risks. Because we have no universal time frame for HT, medical guidance from medical experts will help us optimize the type of HT we’re taking.

HRT Optimization in WY

What are the risks of hormone therapy?

Although hormone therapy is generally safe, there are still some side effects that you should be aware of:

  • Acne
  • Joint pain
  • Chest pain
  • Fatigue
  • Baldness 

Contraindications and Precautions

If properly administered and with the guidance of a medical professional hormonal replacement therapy should be safe. However, HRT may have negative effects on individuals who have prostate cancer, benign prostate disease, sleep apnea, or are extremely overweight.

What is the cost of HRT at prometheuzHRT?

PrometheuzHRt offers several tiers of services because we aim to accommodate your HRT needs and preferences.

Starting package – USD85/month

Includes: Telehealth visit, lab work analysis, access to professional athletes and support team, testosterone cypionate, estrogen blocker, alcohol swab, and shipping.

Bronze package – USD155/month

Includes: Labs run 4 times a year covering Total Testosterone levels, CBC, CMP, Estradiol, and PSA. Physician televisit is included in the price.

Silver Package – USD305 per month

Includes: Labs (similar to Bronze), DHEA, Vitamin B12 – Folate, Lipid w/ Chol-HDL. Physician televisit is included in the price.

Gold Package – USD405 per month

Includes: Labs (similar to Bronze and Silver), DHEA, Vitamin B12 – Folate, Lipid w/ Chol-HDL, Prolactin – IGF, SHBG & 4 more targeted tests. Physician televisit is included in the price.

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After 5 years of treatment, men lose an average of 36 pounds and see an average of 3.5 inches disappear off their waistlines even if they don’t adopt any specific diet or exercise program.

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