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HRT For Women

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What is HRT for Women?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a specified treatment to help regain normal hormone levels due to hormonal imbalances. As women continue to age, vital hormones in their bodies diminish, which may lead to frustrating symptoms. HRT can help revitalize hormone levels which is important for one’s holistic well-being.

Important Hormones in Women

Female sex hormones play an important role in developing a feminine and athletic physique. These hormones kick in when a person reaches puberty but they decline at around age 50 in women.


Estrogen is the most well-known sex hormone. This hormone facilitates fat storage on the hips, thighs, and rear while minimizing abdominal adipose tissue. Supplemental estrogen through HRT when menopause begins aids in redistributing fat to such areas.


Produced by the ovaries, adrenal glands, and placenta, progesterone helps stabilize menstrual cycles and readies the body for pregnancy. In bodybuilding, progesterone may regulate muscle mass and strength.


Although women produce a fraction of testosterone as men do, this hormone plays an invaluable role in developing lean muscle mass. Testosterone among women declines after peri-/menopause, but by administering it through HRT body fat is redistributed. 

How Does HRT Work?

Emerging research informs us of the mechanisms of action for HRT. We summarized them for you below:

Estrogen Replacement:

HRT introduces safe synthetic estrogen to compensate for declining levels of the hormone due to aging. This effect eventually alleviates menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood swings.

For women who are into bodybuilding, estrogen redistributes fat by favoring fat storage in subcutaneous areas (under the skin) rather than along visceral areas (around internal organs).

Also, estrogen promotes protein synthesis which is needed to generate lean muscles.

Progesterone/Progestin Addition:

This hormone is added to estrogen therapy to protect the uterine lining from overgrowth. Progesterone addition applies only to women who still have not undergone hysterectomy (removal of the uterus).

Addressing Low Levels of Testosterone:

Testosterone contributes to muscle development and strength. In women undergoing testosterone therapy, there may be an increase in lean muscle mass, improved muscle strength, and enhanced exercise performance.

How Would You Know You Need an HRT?

Determining if you need HRT involves recognizing specific signs and symptoms. This is true, particularly in the context of menopause, or in some cases, when aiming for a sculpted body.

For Menopausal Women

  • Vaginal dryness and discomfort

Declining levels of estrogen could lead to vaginal dryness, itching, discomfort during sexual intercourse, and an increased risk of getting urinary tract infection.

  • Mood changes

Fluctuations in hormone levels may lead to mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and sometimes even depression.

  • Decreased libido

Diminishing hormone levels due to aging could also diminish sexual desire and arousal.

  • Hot flashes and night sweats

These symptoms refer to sudden, intense feelings of heat, often coupled with sweating. Such manifestations can disrupt sleep and other daily activities.

  • Bone health changes

Reduced amounts of estrogen can contribute to bone weakening, increasing the likelihood of osteoporosis.

For Women Seeking Contoured Body Composition

  • Difficulty in gaining muscle

Despite undergoing various types of exercises, you find it difficult to produce lean muscles.

  • Low energy levels and fatigue

You experience persistent fatigue or lack of energy. This effect disrupts your daily activities even your work output.

  • Changes in body fat distribution

You find it very challenging to lose abdominal fat. You also notice changes in fat distribution which could affect your physicality.

  • Unexplained weight loss or gain

Despite efforts to maintain or lose weight, what you get is the opposite of what you want.

  • Decreased libido and sexual arousal

Even though you have not yet entered the menopausal stage, you experience sinking sexual desire as well as arousal.

It’s important to emphasize that considering HRT for body composition purposes should be approached cautiously. Patients should seek the guidance of healthcare professionals. If you want to know more about it visit us here.

Benefits of HRT

Hormone replacement therapy for women is a proven treatment that could bring desirable effects. This of course involves teaming up with a clinic that specializes in HRT. Check out the benefits of HRT below:

For Women Advanced in Age

  • HRT has become popular due to its ability to offer several benefits, countering the symptoms caused by aging among women. HRT relieves menopausal women from the bothersome symptoms we explained above. HRT could also contribute to maintaining vaginal health such as the following:
  • Reducing discomfort during sexual intercourse; and
  • Lowering the risk of urinary tract infection by restoring moisture and thickness to the vaginal tissues.
  • HRT may help women with menopause experience improved bone health. When HRT elevates estrogen levels, this results in an environment that encourages bone formation. HRT helps stimulate bone-building cells (osteoblasts) that help preserve bone density.
  • HRT may also bring cardiovascular benefits if it is initiated at menopause’s early stages. However, this effect still requires more clinical investigations.

For Women Aiming for a Robust Body Built

HRT is the ideal choice to improve women’s body composition. One form of HRT is the introduction of testosterone to the human body.

  • Testosterone is a crucial hormone to attaining lean muscle development. It does this effect by assisting in building and maintaining lead muscle, reducing fat deposition, and increasing muscle tone and strength.
  • Enhanced muscle mass does not only fortify the musculoskeletal system, reducing injury risks and improving one’s posture. It also translates into higher basal metabolic rates (BMR). The latter usually introduces these benefits:
  • More energy
  • Sustained weight loss
  • Quality sleep
  • Consistent calorie burn at bedtime

How is HRT Administered to Women?

  • Orals or Tablets

As implied by the name, this approach involves taking HRT via mouth. Many find orals or tablets to be convenient which is why it is very common. However, oral administration can potentially lead to certain risks such as blood clots and cardiovascular issues.

  • Topicals (Gels and Creams)

HRT topicals necessitate the application of the treatment directly to the human skin. Necessary hormones are introduced into the bloodstream near the skin. One downside of topicals is that they may be transferred to others through skin contact.

  • Injections

Injections involve the direct delivery of hormones through a needle into the muscle (intramuscular) or under the skin (subcutaneous). The most common injections are usually administered into the muscles of the buttocks or thighs or as subcutaneous injections in the abdomen. If you prefer injections, you need assistance from healthcare professionals.

  • Implants

These involve placing pellets or capsules under the skin, usually in the lower abdominal wall or buttock area. This is carried out through a minor surgical procedure performed by a healthcare professional. These pellets are loaded with hormones that are released into the body over time.

  • Patches

These patches are applied directly onto the skin. The method bypasses the digestive system which usually leads to a more stable hormone level. Patches reduce the risk of liver metabolism, making it an ideal option for women with liver issues or a history of blood clots.

Does HRT come with side effects?

As with other medical treatments HRT has its own share of side effects. These may include breast tenderness, nausea, headaches, bloating, spotting, and blood clot risks. For this very reason, it is recommended to consult a medical expert who has adequate knowledge about HRT for women.

How can I get started with HRT?

Below is the general process of HRT for women.

Step 1: Consultation

Step 2: Evaluation and Diagnosis

Step 3: Generation of Treatment Plan

Step 4: Execution of Treatment Plan

Step 5: Monitoring and Adjustments

Step 6: Long Term Management

How long does HRT for women usually last?

  • For menopausal women seeking treatment, HRT usually lasts up to 5 years.
  • For women who are into physical workouts, HRT duration depends on the desired outcome.

Is hormone replacement therapy safe for older women?

Older women may take hormone replacement therapy but there are some important caveats to consider. The key factors that need weighing in would be:

  1. Risks – The risks for systemic hormone therapy for older women tend to go up. Some key risks would be stroke, blood clots, and heart diseases.
  2. Benefits – Hormone replacement therapy does bring some benefits for women enduring the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats.
  3. Type of hormone therapy – The safest option for older women would be local vaginal estrogen which could help alleviate symptoms such as urinary issues and UTIs.
  4. Individual factors – A woman’s personal risk factors, health status, family history, quality of life needs, and preferences must all be weighed thoroughly before prescription. 

What is the best age for hormone therapy for women?

The preferred age for hormone therapy would be between the ages of 45 – 55.

Can a 72-year-old woman take HRT?

HRT is still possible for a 72-year-old woman but this must be discussed thoroughly with a doctor.

How Much is HRT for Women at PrometheuzHRT?

Below are the several tiers of services of PrometheuzHRT. Each is designed to meet your preferences and conveniences.

Starting package – USD85/month

Includes: Telehealth visit, lab work analysis, access to professional athletes and support team, testosterone cypionate, estrogen blocker, alcohol swab, and shipping.

Bronze package – USD155/month

Includes: Labs run 4 times a year covering Total Testosterone levels, CBC, CMP, Estradiol, and PSA. Physician televisit is included in the price.

Silver Package – USD305 per month

Includes: Labs (similar to Bronze), DHEA, Vitamin B12 – Folate, Lipid w/ Chol-HDL. Physician televisit is included in the price.

Gold Package – USD405 per month

Includes: Labs (similar to Bronze and Silver), DHEA, Vitamin B12 – Folate, Lipid w/ Chol-HDL, Prolactin – IGF, SHBG & 4 more targeted tests. Physician televisit is included in the price.

Book a Consultation:

As we have demonstrated, hormone replacement therapy for women is a multifaceted approach offering several benefits to menopausal women and those dedicated to physical fitness. Ultimately, the decision to adopt HRT, regardless of the intention, requires individualized assessment, informed discussions, and vigilant monitoring from a team of dedicated experts.

With women, declining hormone levels could lead to frustrating situations. Yet with responsible care, hormone replacement therapy offers proven solutions. Reliable HRT clinics, such as PrometheuzHRT, feature customized treatments, vigilant monitoring, and patient-centered care for optimal results. For more information call us at +1 (205) 598 2505  or you can also visit our clinic.



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