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Typically treatment could consist of Testosterone, HCG to maintain sexual function, Anastrozole to keep estrogen under control, bacteriostatic water, and required syringes. Cost is $160 average per month and normally 10 weeks is shipped, totalling $330 including shipping.

Your credit card does not get charged automatically. Charged by PROHRT when given authority to process payment. We’re also offering a 20 Week TRT Protocol to remove production and shipping issues.


Includes an identity check, lab work and payment details. Protected Health Information ensures that our patients’ information is safe, secure, HIPAA compliant and is SHA-256 with RSA Encryption.


Labs can be purchased online. Follow this link. Click on New Hormone panel. Use PROHRT code to get a reduced price. Within a hour you should receive a lab requisition, print it out and take it to suggested lab. Results are usually emailed in a couple of days.


Your application form is followed up by a consultation to ensure that hormone therapy is right for you. If you are identified as a suitable candidate, our medical doctor will prescribe your personalized therapy plan and medication specifically tailored to your needs.


Fill in RX refill form and we’ll get it sorted.