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How To Maximize your muscle build and performance with HRT

Maximize Muscle Build with HRT: Your Ultimate Guide

Hormone replacement therapy focuses on making your mind and body work like a well-oiled machine. It helps with weight loss, rem sleep, improving cognition, strengthening the immune system, and building lean muscle mass. All of the key focuses help improve the physical and mental aspects of our bodies making them more resilient to threats.

PrometheuzHRT helps you improve your health and performance by giving you various options and resources including testosterone, HCG, anastrozole, and bacteriostatic water along with in-depth knowledge on the importance of all their products.

We are here to help you improve your performance by offering you tailored programs whether you are new to HRT or looking to take your performance to the next level.

Weight Loss Treatments

Losing weight is a more complex process than the numbers that you see on a scale. Anything you put in your body has an effect on your body. People run after different fads and do crazy diets but the number of calories we consume does not always translate to the number of calories we burn.

In fact, the pressure these new insta diets create makes it harder to lose weight and sometimes even result in weight gain. More often than not the solution to losing unwanted weight and fat lies with your hormones. Whereas on the other side you see people trying to gain weight and muscle mass but no matter what they do how hard they try they can’t seem to gain a single pound.

Numerous hormones can be the cause of your weight gain or weight loss issues. Cortisol, widely known as the stress hormone, causes belly fat deposits. People are sometimes shocked to find their cortisol levels sky high. However it is a scientific fact that hormonal imbalances will affect the way you balance weight loss and gain. For example, high insulin levels cause high blood sugar, blocked leptin causes unnecessary food cravings, slow thyroid causes hair loss and fluid retention and the list goes on and on.

HCG, is the key indicator used in most over the counter pregnancy kits, better known as the “pregnancy hormone.” Thes home pregnancy tests detect HCG content in the urine to determine whether the results are negative or positive. This hormone plays a vital role in regulating the production of the essential hormones estrogen and progesterone, which play a vital part in the proper growth of the embryo and fetus. In the United States, HCG injections have been medically approved to treat specific medical issues for men and women including fertility and weight loss.

Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth. However men with low levels of testosterone need treatment to increase their muscle size and decrease fat. Which simply means with the right levels of testosterone you can lose fat and gain muscle.

PrometheuzHRT is here to make sure you make the right lifestyle choices by offering you a wide variety of products and treatments. We makes sure your goals become attainable all the while helping your physical and mental health.

Safer alternative treatments

HCG is used to treat hypogonadism in men, which is mainly testosterone deficiency. HCG injections help increase testosterone levels resulting in improved sexual function, increase in sperm production and fertility.

HCG is often used as an alternative to the injectable testosterone in men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Generally, when levels of testosterone in the blood are lower than 300 nanograms per deciliter, a male is considered to be deficient in testosterone production. In addition to the decrease in testosterone, there are other symptoms that arise which include depressive mood, low sex drive, fatigue, lethargy and increased stress levels.

Most testosterone boosting supplements have major side effects which mostly arise when consumption or treatment is stopped, which may include decreased size of testes and ovaries, infertility, lethargy and altered sexual function. Due to these negative side effects, doctors combat them by including HCG as part of the Testosterone replacement regimen because HCG prevents the onset of the negative side effects associated with testosterone injections.

Additionally, HCG has shown positive results in improving sexual function and performance in men who are on testosterone replacement and have a decreased libido. Prometheuz offers you a variety of treatments to ensure maximum benefit, with the lowest risk of potential side effects.

Mental Focus

Alzheimer’s disease is increasingly becoming a public health concern. Research shows that women are especially at risk of getting this disease. Sexual hormone steroids and their effects on mental health are one of the key focuses in Alzheimer’s research. There is evidence that sexual hormone steroids regulate brain development along with aging and affect cognitive function as well. There is also evidence for a strong correlation between testosterone and verbal memory recall and processing speed.

HRT has also been closely linked to better management of brain fog and fatigue. Supplementing your natural hormone levels is thus key to achieving mental clarity and focus.

Muscle support

Testosterone helps in building lean muscle mass and boosting your generalized strength in key areas of your body, such as the upper body where your muscles have loads of receptors for this growth hormone. It is also a catalyst for red blood cell count, meaning the more red blood cells you have available, the more oxygen you can carry to your muscles, increasing performance and cardiovascular workouts in the gym.

Promotes stronger bones

The hormone testosterone plays a vital role in bone mineral density. Bone density tends to decrease as men get older and testosterone levels drop causing bones to become brittle, weak and susceptible to osteoporosis. Research has shown HRT to increase bone mineral density, reducing the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. Stronger bones and as a result stronger joints will help to support your muscle and internal organs, which can boost your performance and work ethic in the gym.

PrometheuzHRT offers an array of options to assist muscle growth and decrease muscle wasting. We provide Testosterone and Anastrozole to help you achieve optimized testosterone and estrogen levels for maintaining, building and preventing the breakdown of muscle. As an additional bonus, HRT helps combat many serious diseases, in addition to increased energy levels and improving sexual function and enjoyment.

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