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MIC B12 injections for weight loss

MIC B12 injections for weight loss | Prometheuz HRT

Do you want to shed that extra fat on your body? Have you tried different diets and treatments for weight loss, but none have worked? I know how it feels when you can’t lose weight despite all your efforts and hard work. 

Apart from the misery it creates in daily life, obesity can also result in severe medical conditions, including heart attack, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 
These days, MIC B12 injections for medical weight loss are becoming popular among athletes and common people. But do MIC B12 injections work for weight loss?

Based on my expertise in the medical field, today, I’ll discuss MIC B12 injections in detail. I will explain what they are, their benefits, who should take them, and who should avoid them.

What are MIC and B12 Injections? 

MIC stands for methionine inositol choline and is also known as lipotropic. It contains various nutrients that have the potential to help with weight loss.

1. Methionine

Methionine is one of the nine essential amino acids. It is found in meat, nuts, and fish and helps the body digest the extra fat present in the liver. 

2.  Inositol 

It is sometimes referred to as vitamin B8, but the truth is that it is not a vitamin. It is a type of sugar that offers potential benefits to the body. Inositol has the potential to help reduce body mass index (BMI) in people with obesity.

3. Choline 

A nutrient similar to vitamin B, produced in the liver, is also found in foods like vegetables, eggs, nuts, and beans. Its primary function is to promote liver function. It also helps transport metabolic products like fats through the bloodstream. 

B12 injections, also known as B12 shots, are usually prescribed for people with vitamin B12 deficiency.

It magnifies the effects of MIC. Its primary role is to increase metabolic functions in the body. Moreover, B12 shots aid in the production of red blood cells. 

What are the benefits of MIC B12 injections? 

1. Improved metabolism

MIC B12 shots have the potential to improve body metabolism. They aid in fat metabolism and help reduce fat in the liver and bloodstream, potentially minimizing the chances of fatty liver diseases. 

Moreover, it also has the potential to facilitate the digestion of protein and carbohydrates. 

2. Weight Loss

MIC B12 injection helps promote controlled weight loss. However, to achieve this, you also need to make positive changes in your diet and exercise. 

3. Enhanced Energy

MIC B12 shots have the potential to enhance energy. Feeling more energetic will keep you motivated throughout the day.

4. Reduce Homocysteine Levels

Elevated homocysteine levels can result in stroke, heart disease, and heart attack. MIC B12 injection has the potential to help reduce homocysteine levels and minimize the chances of these deadly diseases. 

5. Improved Skin

Moreover, MIC B12 shots also help to maintain a healthy skin tone and keep your nails strong. 

6.  Improved Sleep Quality

Poor or disturbed sleep quality can affect your daily life. MIC B12 shots have the potential to help improve sleep quality.

How Does MIC B12 injection work? 

MIC B12 shots contain methionine, inositol, choline, and vitamin B12. The MIC compound helps break down fats in the body, and B12 helps increase its effects. 

This combined work helps digest fats and also aids in removing already stored fats from the liver and body. 

In addition, you also need to: 

  • Do regular exercise
  • Maintain healthy diet
  • Improve your overall life quality
  • Keep in touch with your doctor

Who is a perfect candidate for MIC B12 injections? 

Many people can benefit from MIC B12 injection. However, anyone facing vitamin B12 deficiency, obese, and wanting to lose weight, people with low energy, athletes, and physically active individuals can be perfect candidates for MIC B12 injection.  

Does MIC B12 injection hurt?  

The experience of receiving MIC B12 injections varies from person to person. The infusion used in the procedure is small and generally does not hurt much. Your doctor will inject MIC B12 into your muscles, buttocks, hips, or upper arms. 

Are MIC B12 injections safe? 

Yes, most healthcare professionals who administer MIC B12 injections consider them safe. This is because they are derived from natural sources and have fewer side effects. 

In case the amount of B12 increases in the body, it will be automatically broken down by the body. Similarly, your body can eliminate excess amounts of lipotropic amino acids.

How long does it take for MIC injections to work?

When you start treatments, you will feel an energy boost and improve within the first two to three days. For weight loss, it may take a month to notice any considerable changes in your weight. However, it may work for some people within the first two weeks to start losing weight after receiving MIC B12 injections. 

MIC B12 Injection Weight Loss Before and After

before after
MIC B12 injections for weight loss 2

What are the side effects of MIC B12 Injections? 

As discussed above, MIC B12 injections are generally considered safe. However, it may sometimes have the following minor side effects. 

  • You might have temporary redness, soreness, or swelling over the injected area.
  • Flushed feeling after receiving the injection
  • You might have a temporary stomach problem

How long do B12 shots last in the fridge?

Generally, unopened B12 shots don’t necessarily need to be refrigerated. (R) They should be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight at room temperature.

Once a B12 shot is drawn up and prepared for injection, it’s generally recommended to use it within 24 hours. 

How often do I administer the MIC B12 injections?

You can start by injecting 1ml/cc 1-2 times per week. Based on your needs, you also can increase the amount gradually. However, you should consult a qualified medical doctor before injecting MIC B12. 

How often do you get B12 shots for weight loss?

A B12 injection should be administered twice a week to get the best result. This will help boost your metabolism and burn fat. 

Does B12 make you hungry?

Low vitamin B12 levels can result in a loss of appetite. So, once you start taking B12 injections, they help boost B12 in the body and may increase your hunger. 

Final Thoughts

Obesity can create various problems if not treated on time. Some of its side effects include heart disease, stroke, fatty liver diseases, metabolic syndrome, and gallbladder diseases.

MIC B12 injections can help treat weight loss. They contain methionine, inositol, and choline, which have the potential to help improve fat metabolism and ultimately result in weight loss. 

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