Metabol – Increase Metabolism


These supplements have a wide array of bioactive compounds and antioxidants in them that may help enhance mood and energy levels. They may also increase and regulate metabolism, help control appetite and promote weight loss. 

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 Metabol Complex Supplements

metabolMetabol provides bioactive compounds and antioxidants that may enhance mood and energy levels, increase and regulate metabolism, control appetite and promote weight-loss.


If your metabolism is high, you will burn more calories at rest and during activity. A high metabolism means you’ll need to take in more calories to maintain your weight. That’s one reason why some people can eat more than others without gaining weight. Prometheuz Metabol have a wide array of bioactive compounds and antioxidants that may help you enhance your mood and energy levels. They also may increase and regulate your metabolism to help control your appetite and promote weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean 130mg
Raspberry Ketone 130mg
Garcinia Cambogia 130mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 130mg
Green Tea 130mg

Ingredient Benefits:

  • Green Coffee Bean extract present in these supplements has retained its chlorogenic acid which may help block carbs, reduce weight gain and boost metabolism.
  • Raspberry Ketones may increase certain hormones in your body to naturally break down excess fat
  • Caffeine anhydrous may improve athletic performance, boost energy, get rid of drowsiness and help with weight loss.
  • Garcinia Cambogia could effectively raise serotonin levels, which my help mood and cause decrease appetite, helping with the weight loss process.
  • Green Tea Extract is one of the oldest and most traditional ways to possibly regulate digestion and help with the weight loss process. It may also strengthen your immune system and slow down the aging process.


As a dietary supplement take one capsule twice a day. For best results take 20-30 min before a meal with an 8oz. glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professional.

If under a physician’s care, or taking medication, consult your healthcare professional before using this product.  Importantly, if you are pregnant or nursing, or have a known medical condition, do not use without consulting a physician.


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